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In crucial areas, Australia wants to improve relationships with India.

Defence and security system in India and Australia

According to media sources, Australian farmers may gain advantage from talks underway to enhance agricultural exports to India, especially barley, because the neighboring country erects an additional trade hurdle.

Following heightened tensions with India’s neighboring country over a response to the coronavirus pandemic, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, are looking forward to deepening the countries’ strategic relationship, with both sides expected to sign a spread of pacts starting from defence to exchange strategic

According to an area newspaper, The Australian, both leaders are expected to further up efforts to diversify Australia’s export markets and locate reliable suppliers of key products and components during a virtual summit which had been held last year. Amid rising tensions of the pandemic, the response to the coronavirus outbreak, the new accords will concentrate on dependable supply chains in key essential industries like medical items, technology, and essential minerals. The presidents will sign a brand-new defence deal which will allow reciprocal access to bases and cooperation on military technology projects, still as a replacement education relationship to assist reduce Australia’s dependency on students at the schools.

Morrison’s planned state visit to India in January was cancelled because of bushfires, prompting the virtual summit. Morrison said last year, before his planned visit, that India was a “natural partner for Australia,” alluding to the 2 countries’ “common values,” which set them other than the neighboring country of India. The newspaper quoted Peter Varghese, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, who wrote a landmark report on bilateral relations in 2018, that India would become still more important for Australia within the post- Covid world. “Finding or building new markets for existing ones could be a crucial factor if it’s one among the teachings from Covid that countries must spread their risks,” he added.

Varghese noted the importance to Australia of being an important strategic partner in “Constraining the ambitions of China to be the dominant strength” for India, partnering in the Quadrilational Safety Dialog with Australia, Japan, and the U.S. “A key component of building our geopolitical relationship is that the shared objective between Australia and India of not wishing to determine the China-dominated region.,” he told The Australian. The summit follows also the recent discussions between the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Marisa Payne, and Indian counterpart Subrahmanyam Jaishankar on the pandemic response and Australia’s imply an independent investigation that was largely supported by the globe Health Assembly on Tuesday. Australia wants to assist India develop a domestic critical mineral dressing industry that offers western nations an alternate to the provision of Chinese materials.

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