AITA can plan organise and execute trade fairs and provide services including travel/ hotel bookings, organise and facilitate meetings with the right partners in India and Australia.

AITA organizes and oversees every aspect of trade missions to Australia and other countries. Senior executives from foreign corporations can interact with Australian companies during a trade trip, which provides an opportunity for business-to-business sales.

Ten to twenty senior-level (CEO-level) business representatives from the sector and market that are being targeted abroad are usually included in a trade trip.

AITA provides the highest quality custom solutions in order to satisfy corporate interests across all country and industry sectors in order to save time, make money, and expand global market share.

We want to introduce you to these sales prospects in order to help you close high-value deals with the hosted delegation.

Trade shows and exhibitions are made to bring people together who share a common interest in a business or activity in order to review, demonstrate, market, and sell goods related to that interest.

The management and marketing facets of trade fairs, as well as the various participants and their roles in them, will all be examined by AITA.

It will also go over the financial ramifications of these and how the trade show industry will be affected by globalization.


  1. Trade fairs are an important part of a company’s marketing mix, providing an opportunity for exchange of information between companies and potential clients.
  2. Exhibitors can sell or promote their products, while attendees can compare them to their competitors and get the best deal.

Economic Impact

  1. Trade fairs are a very profitable business venture and provide funding for the event’s sponsors.
  2. Additionally, they generate income for the host city and all associated businesses.
  3. The hall rental is the first source of income for a trade show, followed by the hiring of contractors, plumbers, electricians, florists, and drayage.
  4. Through their use of lodging and dining establishments, exhibitors also have an economic impact.
  5. Delegates also contribute to the income by booking rooms at nearby hotels and making purchases at eateries and retail establishments.
  6. Trade fairs have a sizable economic impact on a community, which supports why cities participate in the trade show business.
  7. For trade fairs, a variety of facilities and infrastructure are built, and these require money.