AITA can identify and facilitate potential partners in your industry sector that are a right fit and can help with the regulatory and accounting requirement both in India and Australia.

Unlocking cross-border deal prospects through merger and acquisition (M&A) and joint venture (JV) activities can be both beneficial and risky for organisations because it crosses the fine line between success and failure.

M&As have increased significantly in recent years, accelerating globalisation and reshaping industrial structure. Non-OECD countries have increased their share, but most involve OECD countries and firms.

Companies looking to engage in cross-border M&A and JVs are revising their plans in response to geopolitical uncertainty and economic volatility.

Deal structures, transfer pricing, regulatory approval needs, supply chain integration, profit repatriation, foreign tax ramifications, exit and buyout clauses, IP agreements and technology development, incentive maximization, management and governance, and cultural considerations are all things that need to be planned for.

For cross-border M&A or JV transactions to be successful, business cultures, legal systems, and tax systems, particularly tax issues, must be balanced.

Cross-border M&As make it easier for people to move money, technology, goods, and services internationally and to join global networks, which boosts productivity and efficiency in the host nation.

  1. M&As can contribute to capital accumulation by investing in intangible capital, such as advanced technology and management skills.
  2. M&A deals can create new jobs in the short term, but can also lead to layoffs and job losses in the long term.
  3. Through technology transfer and dissemination, foreign direct investment can have a positive effect on industrial innovative capacity.
  4. By bringing in new players, greenfield investments boost competition in the host nation, whereas mergers and acquisitions (M&As) may lessen competition or change the nature of the market.
  5. Due to higher investment per employee, foreign takeovers of British companies can raise productivity and real wages.

We can help businesses navigate regulatory, financial, and operational challenges to ensure the best results thanks to our experience with cross-border transactions.

AITA provides international business directors with helpful assistance for completing transactions in addition to their current resources.

We adopt a pragmatic approach, identifying critical challenges and deal-breakers early on.

Our financial and tax due diligence of target companies reveals the complete story behind the statistics, providing a basis for choices about valuation, contracting, and integration.

Every step of the way, we work directly with you, interact with all parties involved in the transaction, and analyse the legal documentation.