Queensland’s vibrant economy is worth more than $360 billion supported by a range of industries. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the global, national and Queensland economies. Government is investing in manufacturing, skills training and infrastructure, while safeguarding the health of Queenslanders. Mining activity made up 11.7% of it’s economy in 2019-20. Queensland’s coal and bauxite reserves are among the largest in the world and are of high grade making them a sought-after product overseas. After mining, the largest contribution to the Queensland economy was from the health care and social assistance industry, accounting for $29.2 billion. The health sector has been one of the major contributors to the Queensland economy over the last decade. As the population ages and the demand for health services increases, job opportunities in this sector are expected to increase. Tourism contributed $12.7 billion to the Queensland economy in 2018-19, while the education and training sector contributed $18.4 billion to Queensland’s economy in 2019-20.