Being a member of  Australia India Trade Association (AITA) gives you and your company a variety of exceptional opportunities to expand your networks, learn more about the Australia-India region, and grow your company.

Australia India Trade Association (AITA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that actively contributes to the development of India and is run and led by the business community.

Australia India Trade Association is the top network for Indian companies looking for opportunities in Australia and the leading source of information and support for Australian companies looking to invest in and export to India and vice versa.

Success in the nation with the fastest-growing economy in the world takes patience and perseverance. You may maintain control and get results more quickly as an association member by utilising our team’s skills and those of other members of the Australia India Trade Association and CEO-level executives with actual experience in India.

Our team consists of policy experts who are knowledgeable about political concerns and regulatory difficulties, sector specialists who have a solid understanding of your industry and India, and a leadership group with the experience, connections, and know-how to help your firm succeed.

Our members get access to speakers, relationships, and content that they can’t get anywhere else, as well as outstanding, perceptive intelligence, thanks to our industry and policy organisations, as well as our events programme.


$50 / Year
  • For students looking to expand their network.


$100 / Year
  • For Young professionals looking to expand their network. Application is available to those between the ages of 18 and 30.


$500 / Year
  • For professionals joining in their personal capacity, sole traders and freelancers


$1000 / Year
  • Companies with more than 50 staff operating in one state. May nominate three additional contacts.