For the past 10 years, Victoria has managed to retain a triple-A credit rating which is indicative of our consistently strong economic performance, sensible financial management along with Australia’s extremely supportive institutional framework. Melbourne continues to be the number one choice for a large number of both domestic and foreign-owned businesses. Six of the world’s top 10 and 29 of Australia’s top 100 companies choose to establish their headquarters and conduct their business in Melbourne above any other state in Australia. Victoria is Australia’s largest supplier of premium food and fibre products. They export more than 80 per cent of Australia’s dairy exports, 48 per cent of Australia’s horticultural exports and 39 per cent of Australia’s prepared food exports. International education sector is Victoria’s largest service-based export. Tourism is a booming sector in Victoria, indicative of a significant rise in international tourists and students choosing Melbourne as their premier destination to visit, live and study.