AITA provides custom tailored solutions to businesses and organisations to establish themselves in India and vice versa.

Numerous statistics are given regarding the size, variety, and future prospects of Indian businesses. We analyze this information and objectively adapt it to your business’ objectives or market entry strategy.

We analyze trends’ effects while providing context and perceptive analysis. Using our expertise, connections, and knowledge, we help businesses analyze the potential, create a plan for entering the market, and decide whether to invest in, export to, or expand into India. You can use this form to ask one of our knowledgeable India consultants for a private consultation.

Why Us?

Our leadership team has a sizable network of government and business contacts in India and a thorough understanding of the challenges and benefits of starting a business in this thriving and rapidly industrializing country.

They are joined by a committed team of experts with backgrounds in business, market entrance consulting, trade marketing, and public affairs who bring first-hand knowledge of developing companies in India.

Because we are accustomed to navigating India’s convoluted government and bureaucracy, our firm is able to represent the interests of Australian and Indian businesses to the country’s state and national legislators.

We use our network of connections at a variety of government and non-government organizations, including Australia and Indian trade associations, think tanks, and lobbying groups, to ensure that corporate interests are properly represented in India.