AITA facilitates a complete media and communications strategy/plan which included electronic, digital and print media.

In today’s complex media, business, and political environment, organizations must adopt a strategic, proactive approach to communications in order to reduce risks and achieve successful results.

Business executives need to look for chances to create for the future.

AITA assists leaders in seizing opportunities and lowering risk during both transformative and disruptive times.

In managing crises, navigating market changes, carving out competitive positions, defining pledges, and retaining operational permission, thousands of our senior communications experts help clients.

Strategic communication is a well-structured and organized communication practice that outlines a communication blueprint and executes it to fulfill organizational mission and business objectives.
It is a multi-channel practice that includes public relationship & media engagement, digital communication, brand communication, thought leadership positioning, and internal communication.

It does rigorous research on key stakeholders, identifies the right channels, and creates and distributes the contents.


  1. For businesses to be successful in India, they need a long-term growth strategy that is supported by data and research.
  2. Additionally, they require a strong communication strategy built on consistent and genuine messaging.
  3. A strategic blueprint must be communicated in a clear, concise, and consistent manner if it is to be effective.

How We Do?

  1. Design a holistic communications strategy to increase workforce engagement. Deloitte’s strategic communications services can help you cut through the noise to more effectively reach your workforce.
  2. Strategic Communications leverages expertise to deliver communication solutions focused on the workforce, helping build a holistic strategy that impacts culture, brand and workforce relationships.
  3. We create insightful, data-driven material for a range of industry verticals and assist them in their endeavours to reach a larger audience through traditional PR and cutting-edge media.

We help businesses engage stakeholders, explain their positions, and make sure the correct message is conveyed to the right audience at the right time using our interdisciplinary experience and sector knowledge.

We have years of experience in financial communications, crisis communications, transaction and M&A communications, corporate reputation management, public and corporate affairs, data-driven design, content production, digital strategy, and public and government relations.