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Mineral Technologies reveals India’s success secrets.

For its flourishing business in India, Mineral Technologies reveals 7 success factors. Mineral Technologies is a global leader in the processing of minerals and belongs to the Downer Group, which offers leading infrastructure services in Australia and Neuseeland.
The company possesses expertise in a broad range of minerals such as minerals, sand, coal, chromite, gold, tungsten, tantalum, and others. Mineral Technologies’ solutions include metallurgical tests, design, and supply of equipment – turning ear bodies into valuable commodities for customers worldwide with teams based in major mining regions across four continents.

Industry leadership is well-known.
Mineral Technologies has been operating in India for 30 years. Mineral Technologies has long recognized the commercial power of both, but many countries and firms have just recently prioritized the local market based on its magnitude and potential.
Mineral Technologies is known as the “go-to partner” for mineral processing solutions across the project lifecycle, with offices in Kolkata, Kochi, and Goa. Customers in India include coal producers (such as the Steel Authority of India), iron ore producers (such as NMDC, IBM, and Tata Steel), and mineral sands producers.
Mineral Technologies’ spiral technology, a type of gravity separation, is possibly its most well-known product. In addition, the company is a market-leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of centrifugal, magnetic, and electrostatic separation equipment, all of which are made in-house to quality standards.

Six success secrets
Mineral Technologies has spent more than three decades in India and has discovered six key characteristics that have contributed to its success.

  1. Relationships are important.
    Mineral Technologies has spent time and effort cultivating strong relationships with a wide spectrum of industry influencers, not only with customers. Technical speeches at conferences have also allowed the company to build relationships.
  2. Presence on the ground
    Mineral Technologies understands what to do on the market and what to keep at home. The company has offices in three key mining regions across India, as well as a testing facility in Goa.
    Customers having direct access to metallurgical testing has aided in the company’s overall success. Local offices also assist in the delivery of cost-effective pricing and serve as a practical response to trade impediments like customs charges. Local production also speeds the delivery of some equipment to customer projects.
  3. Always try new things.
    Infrastructure developments abound in India, thanks to the country’s fast urbanization. As a result, demand for iron ore and the raw materials used by coal and industrial mineral companies is increasing. Mineral Technologies’ cutting-edge technologies have helped customers increase project productivity and efficiency.
  4. Consolidate your position as a leader.
    Mineral Technologies has established a strong presence in India as a result of its international leadership in spiral separation equipment. The MD range of gravity separation equipment is designed, manufactured, and supplied by the company today, and its Australian headquarters has the world’s largest spiral manufacturing plant.
  5. Concentrate on quality assurance.
    Mineral Technologies understands that quality control cannot be compromised in an industry where compliance standards are so important. It controls all of its technology and intellectual property from Australia to assist maintain quality.
  6. Maintain a long-term perspective.
    Mineral Technologies has proved its long-term commitment to India by developing solid organizational structures to effectively support the local market. This includes locating and retaining experts in local offices, with key account managers on hand to assist. Mineral Technologies guarantees that these account managers have easy access to its global experience in mining equipment, technology, and services (METS). As a result, clients place a higher value on the business relationship, increasing its longevity.

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