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The AITA joins SoftBank Robotics in the hands of Australia and India.

There will be a need for more agencies like AITA, and this is at least a step in the right direction.

The second COVID-19 wave was far more deadly in India than anybody could imagine. As a nation of India, it also is looking for solutions that will come out of its current crisis, with the far-reaching implications of today’s situations. The Australia Indian Trade Association has facilitated talks between SoftBank Germii (The SoftBank Robotics Venture) and various healthcare organisations to deploy covid killing robots. The AITA is an Australian non-profit organisation. The robot from SoftBank with a pathogen killer is seen as a technology capable of creating free COVID spaces without the use of antiviral chemical substances.
“Chemical Sanitisation, along with the cost and logistics, is also a health hazard and may not be very effective as manual spraying or fogging could not be very effective against COVID 19,” said the inventor, Harold Thomas Van Haltren, who has spent his life studying the effects of UV rays on pathogens. “Both Harold and I are of Indian heritage, and it pains us to see what India is going through,” said Ashish Katta, Chairman of AITA. “We have teamed up with Soft Bank robotics to be able to deliver not only robots, but also a variety of solutions such as PPE sanitisation chambers, Handheld UVC pathogen cleaners, static UVC devices that can clean large areas, and a range of other solutions.”
AITA hosted a virtual conference on Friday, May 14, 2021, attended by Germii and Softbank executives, as well as several leading Hospital and healthcare companies in India. Aside from the foregoing, the AITA is expected to deliver significant quantities of vaccines to India in the coming weeks after discussions with vaccine manufacturers.

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