Nikhil Reddy


Professional Portfolio:

  • Public Servant, Queensland Government, Australia.
  • Worked as IT Consultant in the Education Industry, Energy Sector, Federal and State Governments and their Corporations in Australia.

Business Portfolio:

  • Director, ASPAC Exim Pty Ltd.

Community Portfolio:

Actively involved in helping international students, assisted new migrants, and facilitated in obtaining accommodation and jobs in Australia.


  • Actively initiated and participated in various community programmes across Australia taking forward the cultural identity of Telangana and India.

  • Author, Editor, Souvenir Magazine for Telangana Jagruthi Australia.

  • Secretary, Australian India Trade Association.

  • Advisor, Indian Council of Australia (ICAQ), Peak body for Indian community organizations in Queensland.

  • Served in various capacities as Founder President, Secretary, Vice President for Brisbane Telangana Association Inc., Queensland, Australia.

  • Past Secretary, Federation of Indian Communities in Queensland (FICQ) Inc., Australia. FICQ is an umbrella body of all the Indian Associations in Queensland.

  • Past Executive Committee member of Telugu Association of Canberra, Australia.

Political Portfolio:

  • Ran for the seat of Bancroft at the 2020 Queensland State Election.

  • Ran for the seat of Petrie at the 2019 Australian Federal Election.

  • Served in various capacities as Secretary, Coordinator for Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party (OFBJP)

  • Queensland, Australia. OFBJP is an overseas wing of BJP in India.