You are currently viewing Digital energy test laboratory Siemens is launching in Australia with RMIT

Digital energy test laboratory Siemens is launching in Australia with RMIT

Energy Test Laboratory at Siemens

The new Digital Energy TestLab in Melbourne is being established by Siemens and RMIT. Students and researchers will be allowed to simulate smart electrical systems for smart cities.

Melbourne is the latest addition to TestLab’s network with universities throughout Australia. In critical areas like energy, agri-business, and advanced manufacture, TestLab aims to build capacity. Research to optimize energy systems for intelligent cities

Digital Energy TestLab users can access a range of real-world technology for the testing, modeling, and optimization of energy systems in intelligent cities, including national and local energy grids. The technology encompasses data analysis, internet, simulation, hardware, and software used by national networks of the next generation.

Two modeling options are available to students:
• The Australian Energy Market Operator data mimics a microgrid system that imitates complex power flows from multiple traditional or renewable sources of different sizes.
• National grid simulation that simulates complex energy scenarios.

Digital Energy TestLab users may access a variety of real-world testing and modeling technologies and optimize energy systems for “With the RMIT and with other Australia’s key educators, I am very pleased to continue working to improve the nation’s results on critical issues such as digitalization and energy,” said Jeff Connolly, Chairman, and CEO of Siemens Australia. By 2050, Australia is working towards the emission of net-zero carbon. New technologies are used to provide innovative solutions.

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