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Canned wine from Australia puts fizz in the rapidly growing wine market of India

Despite the pandemic, Victoria-based Barokes Wines became the first wine producer to launch Indian canned wine. On 18 February, Stuart Rees, Australia’s Senior Commissar in Trade and Investment, launched the Barokes Wine brand in Mumbai. Hover Barrell LLP imports the wine in Mumbai.

Winning brand bets on Indian wine retail
Barokes Wines is the world’s leading canned wine producer. The firm has won over 400 medals and is sold worldwide with its slim, aluminium cans.
In India, there are five types of baroque canned wine. Three sparkling wines, including white, rosé, and red wines, cabernet shiraz merlots, and chardonnay seeds. These include three wines.
India is new to the concept of canned wine. The canned wine format is according to sources suitable for India, where the wine market is relatively small, but aspiring and domestic production dominates.
The company Vinsafe is capable of up to five years to preserve wine stability and longevity.

Indian wine imports are more than 10 percent annually

The ‘e-commerce hospitality sector dominates the key market segment for wine. According to Euromonitor International (2020), Wine in India – Country Report (September 2020) accessed 11 May 2021, on-trade sales accounted for 70% of the wine sold in India in the lead-up to the pandemic.
During 2020 retail wine wasn’t so badly hit as restaurant and other hospitality retail sales.
For long periods since the beginning of the pandemic, restaurants have been closed.
In the meantime, new wine sales opportunities have arisen. The Maharashtra, Odisha

(Orissa), and West Bengal state governments authorized the purchase and delivery of e- commerce wine and liquors in 2020.

Wine sales are growing rapidly in India overall. According to Euromonitor, annual growth rates were above 10 percent annually between 2013 and 2019. Sales are expected to increase by around 8% annually by 2024.
Austrade helped Barokes Wines to enter India, including Hover Barrel LLP, an importer based in Mumbai.
The entry into India of canned wines from Barokes should help redefine the drinking of wine for aspiring young consumers in India according to local sources. Australia’s market share will likely be expanded by expanding the wine import market.

Take of AIBX on this

A program to increase trade and investment between Australia and India was also launched by Austrade.
To develop trade and investment between Australia and India, the Australia-India Business Exchange provides insight, advice, and business links.

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